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Nov 19, 2009 8:30am EST
man, the old one. a schedule be president of the united states. -- i said you'll be president of the united states. he said i hope you are right. he was. obama has the same energy, the same charisma, the same thing that kennedy has, that "it" factor. i love him. he signed that bill, that thing about racial crimes, he crimes. i hope that it goes through. i said i hope the is not being psychic. tavis: there is only one paul mooney. the new book, again, "black is the new white." that is our show for tonight. a catch me on the weken on public radio international. access to ready a podcast on our website, i will see you next time. we leave you with a classic sketch that paul mooney wrote for "saturday night live." good night from l.a. and keep the faith. >> spear chucker. >> white trash. >> jungle bunny. >> honky. >> spade. >> hon honky. >> nigger. >> dead honky. [laughter] today's show, visit tavis smiley on tavis: hi, i'm tavis smiley. join me for our conversation with former tennis great andre agassi with his new autobiography, "open." that is next time, we will see y
Nov 6, 2009 8:30am EST
unimployed people in the united states than there were a year ago. tavis: i love the word shoptimism. >> i means several things. which is to say there's something that will compel us to show no matter what. i don't think it necessarily means we're going to shop with the same way, with the same recklessness, the same mind set, but we will find way to shop. where there's a will to shop, there's a way to shop. >> shopping and buying can be very anxious. it's both pleasurable and painful and nervous making on the other hand. oftentimes we lose sight of the fact that while i'm not condoning reckless spending, or people getting way into debt, i think there are material buys that even if we buy them emotionally, they do add something meaningful to our lives. and in the book i try to explore exactly what that is. tavis: some examples of that since we're on it. >> i interviewed a woman in minnesota who's father had recently died. and she and her brother went back to his house to clean out his stuff. and she took some of his things back to her house. and they kind of found a place, some of the
Nov 17, 2009 10:00pm EST
the president. he got an award from the president of the united states. this time the dalai lama came to washington and president obama wouldn't meet with him because he didn't wa to offend the chinese government which has major disputes. he did not want to offend them on the eve of his trip. that i think is a theme you're going to see playing out over the next few days. tavis: first asia. now jump to afghanistan. i'll come back to the troop issue in just a second. first, president karzai set to be sworn in for a second term on thursday. we all know the turmoil around the elections. t oeride of his inauguration for the second term on thursday, what position are we now in dealing with him leading this country? >> he is an extremely imperfect character. that said, i'm not cvinced that theer players that we had hoped would have won or been more competitive would have been that much better. karzai is not our solution in iraq. -- in afghanistan, sry. our pato potentia success in afghanistan is going to be to improve the quality of the situation. if we do that, it will draw local afghanis o
Nov 13, 2009 8:30am EST
moses should be the face of the new united states. the parallel goes deeper. it is freedom, we escaped from england but it is law. in the bible, it is moses. one figure brings down the can -- 10 commandments. george washington leads the americans to freedom and presides over the constitution. when washington dies, there are 450 mock funerals around the u.s. the eulogies compare washington to moses. he also was a reluctant leader. not a man of words. who then let the people at a freedom and brought down the constitution. tavis: which raises a wonderful idea. which is for those of us who know the story, moses was reluctant. he did not want to be a leader. he wanted no part of this. talk to me about that. >> he murders -- he is raised in slavery and raised in the him there as house and he sees the overseer. he aligned himself with the suffering and murders the overseer and fleas and goes to the burning bush. -- flees and goes to the burni bush. i think of it as being like ogle sam. your country needs you. -- being like uncle sam. do not choose me but god persuades him and aligned
Nov 19, 2009 12:00pm EST
apollo audience is the hardest audience in the united states, and i am the only comedian ever to have attacked the apollo audience. tavis: i want to hear this story. >> there was a young white wrapper on -- white rapper on, and the audience was heating up. i said you guys are so easy. you are impressed by it. i am offended by it. i said, what you do when you go to the zoo and you go to the monkey cage? he did not go to the monkey cage and say hello, my monkey, my name is paul. you got to the cage and make noises. you go to the monkey's level. that is how i look at that. if it offends me. tavis: and the apollo did what? >> they got quiet. it was the truth. i do not have to defend the truth. the truth defends itself. tavis: if you in your own mind are being truthful and you are killing it in your own mind and the audience is a quiet, is that success? the point is to make us laugh. >> the point is to make us laugh, but audiences like a monster. i remember when i used to try to please the audience and kiss their but, do any thing to make them happy, anything to get a laugh, i learned in b
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)